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Patricia A. Clark

Nashoba Regional School District
Nashoba Regional High School, Bolton MA
Pat has been a math and computer science teacher for 15 years at the secondary level. She holds a Masters of Engineering from Cornell University in Operations Research and a BS in Computer Science from Temple University. At the start of her career she worked as a software engineer (C & Unix) at the now defunct Bell Laboratories in Holmdel, New Jersey.  During this time she participated in Bell Lab's attempt to capture and dominate the mini-computer and personal computer markets.  Soon after IBM, Microsoft and Apple claimed victory in this realm she relocated to Massachusetts and worked as an independent contractor writing client server applications for a variety of companies. Her specialty was developing well-designed UI.
Pat currently teaches AP CSP (Mobile) and AP CS Awesome! as well as AP Calculus AB and Algebra. Her daughter Is a professor of Business Analytics and Data Science at the University of Maryland and her older son works as a software engineer at Progress Software in Bedford, Ma. Her younger son is actively pursuing a career in visual art.